Monday June 26

DATE: June 26, 2017

Busy day in camp today (just the way we like it!!):

The Village opened!! AND…it was bunk night!!

The Village is an area of camp where, each summer, we create a world of experiential learning with baking, glass blowing, blacksmithing, a planetarium and other fun activities. This month, in keeping with our theme of “celebrating 50 years of Jerusalem’s reunification”, the village is The Old City of Jerusalem. It comes alive through the centuries. You will hear more about The Village in this blog and see pictures of the activities on the webiste. We don’t want to spoil all of the surprises…but your children are making/creating some really cool projects!

Bunk night is an opportunity for each bunk to work for one peulah today creating a sign (paint on wood) with their bunk name and a fun way to express/represent it. In addition to explaining their shelet (wood sign), each bunk can sing a song or do a funny presentation. Look for those pictures on the website 🙂 The campers have so much fun with this each summer and the signs are hung in our Chadar Ochel!

Kaytana watched Moshe go before Pharoah and demand “Let my people go!” This turned into a little arguement…and then a fight…and then a war…Color War!! Tomorrow will be a fun mini-color war day with Team Moshe and Team Aharon enjoying races, sports, cheering and good-natured competition.

Machal stayed close to shelter, due to the on-and-off rain today. They did a 5-mile hike nearby (piece of cake for this group!) and enjoyed a fun night of bowling tonight in a nearby bowling alley. Anything indoors is a treat for them 😉