Monday, July 9 – Color War Day 1

DATE: July 10, 2018

It’s all about cheers, spirit and points here during color war. The teams battled it out today, and then fell asleep in 30 seconds when their heads hit the pillows. Chanichim are working hard to contribute in any way they can – some are competing well in the sports and swimming races, some are working on the presentations for tomorrow night and some are decorating the chadar ochel with team-related themes.

The schedule today included shiur, team meetings, sporting events all morning, marches before lunch, a huge machanayim (dodge ball) game, some more sporting events, marches before dinner and then the big night tochnit: Olympiada in Indoor World. This event is so fun and zany and funny and creative. Ridiculous relay races that are so entertaining and challenging 🙂

Enjoy pics!! Remember: blue and black = Team HaTzohar and red and yellow = Mapai.