Monday July 8

DATE: July 9, 2019

So…do you want to hear about the Shiur on Shai Agnon today OR color war breakout???

Let’s assume most are more curious about color war and just put Agnon on hold for now 🙂

Broccoli, broccoli, broccoli…that was everywhere today all over camp: with sauce, chocolate-covered, for shekem…everywhere!! The chanichim/ot, who already have been protesting the quiche (as some of you saw in the pictures) were losing their minds! They figured this MUST be color war breakout, right? Obviously!! So when a Rosh Eidah got reprimanded and fired in front of everyone, the whole camp was shocked and stunned!! THAT must be real!! Oh no 🙁 But….rainbow colored “color war 2019” bracelets were thrown to the crowd and the feelings turned to surprise and cheering!! They got them this time!!! Ha!

Here we go!! Jerusalem (yellow and blue) vs. Tel Aviv (green and black)

All details and the schedule of fun will be blogged about shortly…for now everyone get some sleep! We have a loooooong and tiring two days ahead of us. Good luck everyone!!

Machal was seen around DC today! They visited the Holocaust museum, had free time for “pick your favorite Smithsonian” and then visited Sky Zone trampolines. A day packed with meaning, learning, and fun!