Monday, July 30

DATE: July 30, 2018

Greetings from Camp Stone!

We have been enjoying another rich and exciting day at Camp Stone! Please read on for updates on all of Machane – including a special spotlight (and update) on our amazing Machal program!

During daily morning shiur, the campers reflected on texts related to Jewish female leadership, which aligned with our immersion in the period of Settling Eretz Yisrael, as we particularly focus on several heroines who enabled this incredible feat. Did you know that twice daily (during two of the following: Aruchat Esser/ Shekem/ Lunch) the campers are immersed in skits and re-enactments that reflect the period we are learning? Today the campers met “Judge Devorah” and were able to present their authentic cases and receive her wise verdicts and guidance. They also encountered the brave Yael and watched as she strategically and heroically killed Sisra (in a G-rated rendition :-)), a Caananite General.

The campers also enjoyed the full range of exciting and enriching activities, including their beloved Chugim – elective activities of their choice!

*Kaytana* continued their immersion in the stories of Tanach. They tie-dyed shirts in honor of Yosef’s special coat and created beautiful dreamcatchers in honor of his grand dreams. They also loved DOUBLE Agam. They bounced on the huge flotational island and enjoyed boating and other water sports.

For all of you with loved ones in Machal – here is your long awaited *Machal Spotlight Update*:

On Wednesday, Machal began their month-long experience of rigorous hiking, leadership training, Jewish values immersion, and community building with their first grueling hike which ended with a leisurely float down the river.  They set up a camp, BBQ’ed, and slept in the great outdoors – their first of many this month.

On Thursday, Machal hiked in the beautiful Allegheny Forest and slept outside. Even the rain didn’t deter our adventurous hikers. They persevered through the rain and enjoyed a longer and restful sleep. Nothing stops this adventurous group! On Friday, Machal went on an exciting canoe trip and then prepared for shabbat in camp. After their adventures, it was wonderful for them to enjoy a spirited, joyful, Camp Stone-signature shabbat back in their beloved machane. They brought great ruach, cheering, and energy throughout shabbat.

On Sunday, the group visited a a Jewish cemetery that used be part of a vibrant Jewish community. They reflected on the critical aspects of a Jewish community. They also visited the Kinzua Dam  on the Allegheny River which is one of the largest dams in the United States east of the Mississippi River. Stay tuned for more regular updates . . .