Monday July 17 – Final Day

DATE: July 18, 2017

Every bunk had three final peulot today – for many bunks their madrichim requested the favorite activity one more time! After a routine morning, we all got ready for the big “flashmob” dance that we have been practicing for all month. Each bunk has had a peulah where they leaned the steps and hand motions, and everyone has been practicing. It was soooo fun, and our professional photographer came with his video-drone and filmed it from above. When you see it, you’ll understand how much fun it was for us 🙂

The rest of the day was packing 🙁

The chanichim will stay up pretty late tonight, hanging out for the last time (THIS summer) with their friends and madrichim. You will see them tomorrow… And we hope to see them back here in 48 weeks!!

Machal spent their day packing and cleaning up their area of camp, teaching them that you should leave a place as nice (or nicer) than when you got there…and then they were treated to a fun night out at the ice-skating rink nearby!!

Thank you all for the privilege of letting us be with your children here in Machane Stone for the past month, connecting them to Yerushalayim, introducing them to new friends and memorable role models and giving them activities and opportunities that will be part of them forever!

Until next summer…Over and out!