Monday July 16

DATE: July 16, 2018

Last day 🙁

The chanichim had fun last shiurim today, summing up what they’ve learned and playing review games! Thank you to Shalhevet Schwartz and Elisha Kelman who wrote the daily shiurim around the topics of tochnit and the history we were learning about. They added so much to the experience each chanich/a had in learning about this time period. Your children all saw how practical, relevant and interesting Torah is 🙂

Each bunk  had some of their favorite peulot this morning, and then the afternoon was all about…packing and bringing bags to the section in Indoor World that was marked for each city/airport. Sigh!

Dinner was…kind of confusing, actually…more like breakfast! Since we are not eating meat in the days leading up to Tisha B’av, we had a very yummy dairy dinner of pancakes, waffles, blueberries, eggs and bananas. More like brinner 😉

Tonight the chanichim are allowed to stay up all night, but they are all gathered by eidah in an indoor spot – schmoozing or watching a movie and drifting off a little (hopefully…ssshh…that’s our trick)

We know there will be a lot of crying tomorrow, so everyone set your clocks with the countdown until NEXT summer, first session 2019 – see you then?

Signing off for now,

Bracha the Blogger