Monday July 15

DATE: July 16, 2019

No one can believe it is over 🙁 That went by so fast! The chanichim/ot enjoyed a morning of camp peulot and then spent the afternoon packing. Shiur today was a review game of the month and goodbyes with their shiur teachers, all staff from our Beit Midrash or staff from other anafim in camp (a lifeguard, a Sports counselor or Art teacher or Village staff). These 17-20 year olds have been role models and older mentors.

Machal had a chance to buy their Stonewear today!

Tonight will be last-minute bonding and schmoozing and remembering all the fun they have had! Each Eidah will be together for night tochnit and a movie. Some will find it hard to sleep at all, so we will keep them together where we can keep an eye on everyone and enjoy the last chance at “eidah-time” 🙂

The morning will begin with Shacharit bright and early so we can have some time for clean-up, breakfast and our last mifkad! It is a beautiful send-off each year and the tears flow freely as everyone will say “goodbye for now”……

We are so grateful for this past month’s fun, learning experiences and friendships and really can’t wait to see your children again in…11 months!!