Monday, August 5

DATE: August 6, 2019

Day #2 of the chutz was a beautiful community building day in nature, and part of a beloved Camp Stone tradition. Thank G-d, the foreboding clouds cleared and the day was sunny and warm and filled with creativity, learning, bonding, playing, & chilling. The campers davened under the open sky. They were treated to an interactive shiur during which they were visited by various historical personalities from the Tochnit (curriculum). Then, they were given different ingredients and gathered around their fire pits for the “never-ending breakfast”, where they applied their culinary skills in the wilderness to create original recipes (or just plain eggs and grilled cheese :-). They continued to work together in their plugot – smaller communities that included campers from each eidah and tzevet members from different anafim – led by the empowered and responsible Eidah Daled leaders, who also led a shiur. The shiur discussed the challenges of materialism and the benefits of connecting to nature and more spiritual values.

The campers continued to enjoy the creative structures that each plugah made to benefit everyone, including a tether ball court, mechitzot, & cup holders – all made from found materials (and some string & tape from camp 🙂 They also enjoyed sports, exploring the woods, the arts & crafts tent, and relaxing on their hammocks with friends. The day ended with a beautiful kumzitz under the stars.

Kaytana learned about entering Eretz Yisrael and they “conquered” camp by leaving Kaytana notes all over camp. They had a fun carnival to celebrate conquering the land of Israel (and also finishing packing :-). They are on their way back home tomorrow filled with wonderful memories of learning, growing, & exploring at Camp Stone- and excited to see you!

Machal visited the Flight 93 Memorial as well as several other memorials in Washington DC. They enjoyed the end of the day with a light-hearted and engaging dodgeball competition.

Today we also said farewell to the beloved Rav Adi & Bracha Krohn, our talented blogger. I look forward to sharing the daily highlights from Camp Stone!

Layla Tov from Sugar Grove!

Michelle Sarna