Monday, August 13

DATE: August 13, 2018

It’s been busy, productive, and exciting at Machane Stone! Please read on for an update on the many happenings over the past few days.

Shabbat is nothing short of magical at Camp Stone! Here’s a brief recap and synopsis of the uplifting, ruach-filled, and dynamic shabbat tochnit at Machane Stone: Mifkad, Kabbalat Shabbat (with dancing, singing, cheering), Halacha skits, Maariv, dancing to Chadar Ochel, Dinner (with dancing, singing, cheering), Oneg Shabbat, Shacharit (with parsha skits & parsha trivia), Kiddush, Learning Chaburot, Lunch (with dancing, singing, cheering), Learning Chavrutot, Menucha, Eidah “chill” Time, Mincha, Seudah Shelisheet, Camp Trivia, Slow Shira, Maariv, Musical Havdallah. To sum, it’s an uplifting hybrid of learning, eating, singing, dancing, & connecting.

Motzei shabbat, each Eidah had a special tochnit which included: Eidah Aleph: Cake Wars & Night Swim; Edah Bet: Luau with Limbo; Edah Gimmel: Climbing Wall & Lip Sync PJ Party; Eidah Daled: the annual Daled versus Machal Basketball Game.

On Sunday (yesterday), the campers were immersed in the story of the Daveed and his battle with Golaith through texts, skits, and night tochnit. They also learned about the many adoring fans that Daveed accrued through his heroic actions. During the night tochnit, the campers played the exciting and creative “Junk Wars” – in which every bunk gathered random items from their bunk and competed to identify their item that best matched the prompt. For example, “an item that resembles the stone that Daveed threw.” The campers also enjoyed the wonderful wide range of peulot  that are unique to Camp Stone.

Today, the campers learned about Shaul’s encounter with the sorcerer and how they revived Shmuel for guidance. They also observed the devastating battle with the Plishtim during a lunch dramatization, in which Shaul was killed. Somehow, Cowboy Dave (who leads the horseback riding peulah) and Yaakov (who co-leads the camp) arrived in full cowboy uniform which was somehow (?) connected to the story – but really just a Fakeout Breakout for colorwar! (Have I mentioned that Machane Stone loves breakouts?)

Did you know that the campers have also been visiting Yehoshua’s Tent? It is located in a field across from camp. The campers have the opportunity to make fresh Nana Tea and Pita on Tabouns – just like the original settlers of Eretz Yisrael 🙂 .

*Machal Spotlight*:

On Motzei Shabbat the campers enjoyed a competitive basketball game versus Eidah Daled and then celebrated a farewell party for 2 of their counselors who were returning to Israel for the army. On Sunday, they visited Pittsburgh and viewed the Flight 93 movie which depicts the story of heroic passengers of a flight on 9/11 who courageously derailed a plane and saved many potential victims in the nation’s capitol.  Today they visited the Flight 93 national memorial. They discussed how the people on the plane, in the most challenging and darkest of moments, stepped up and took responsibility on behalf of others. The group then reflected on the importance of taking responsibility as world citizens, community members, and Jews.  Machal also took time to have some fun at the trampoline park. Tonight they are visiting memorials on the National Mall in Washington, DC.