Mon July 10

DATE: July 11, 2017

The second day of color war was a hard-fought battle 🙂

The teams were really pushing themselves in their competitions and preparing their presentations. The special events of the day were the Chidon (Torah questions) and the 200-person Apache Race with 30 different tasks and parts… It was crazy!! 

The presentations went late into the night and were so impressive. Enjoy all of the pictures and videos that will be available. 

In the end, a winner must be announced…and it was Team Mikdash! Red and black! Congrats!! The chanichim had such a fun color war and both teams seemed satisfied and proud. Those eidah daled captains really showed leadership and great middot!

We will regroup and reunify for the fast day and focus on unity and love as we commemorate the 17th of Tammuz. 

Machal had a really fun day with a beautiful waterfall hike near Pittsburgh, followed by watersports and then Skyzone in Silver Spring, MD.

Thanks to Melvin J Berman for hosting us!!