Mon July 1

DATE: July 2, 2019

Exciting day at machane!! Eidot aleph-daled left to the Machane Chutz, which was announced at Aruchat Eser. Everyone had a chance to go pack up for the two days they will spend at the campsite we use each year, a 15-minute walk from camp – and a three minute drive…ssshh….don’t tell them they are that close 😉 For those new to Camp Stone, a machane chutz is when ALL tzevet, hadracha and chanichim set up camp outdoors. All tefillot, shiurim, peulot and meals happen there. They even set up a temporary mitbach area and a marp (infirmary) section (for the cuts and minor injuries…anything more serious is sent back to camp in our camp vehicle) The chanichim are divided up into “plugot”, groups of all ages that are led by Eidah Daled chanichim. Tzevet are divided up too, to help and oversee, but the leadership is really Eidah Daled for this adventure! They have two meals that are made at a fire pit, tonight’s dinner and tomorrow’s lunch. There is sports equipment and an art tent and everyone has a great time being in the Great Outdoors with all their friends, on a more relxed schedule. Hopefully the rain will stay away, as it has lately. Look for some great pictures on the website!

Kaytana had an amazing last day of camp, packing and then following a scavenger hunt all around (a now empty) camp. They ruled the camp today 🙂 The day ended with their finally enetring the Promised Land, a journey they begun on Day 1 when they met Avraham…The promised land here refers to a carnival that was set up/inflated right here at Machane with fun activities and inflatables. Hopefully, that will get them excited to visit the real Promised Land 🙂

We are so sad to see Kaytana leave, and we hope to see them back next year for Kaytana Summer #2 or in the Big Leagues, i.e. Eidah Aleph!! They are returning home feeling really proud about all they learned and experienced. They had really attentive, reliable and nurturing madrichim and great Roshei Eidah! Yasher Koach to the Kaytana staff for giving these young chanichim such a positive and memorable summer here at Machane Stone!

p.s. All good news from Machal’s Algonquin adventure. They are doing really well!!