Friday – Shabbat, July 27-28

DATE: July 28, 2018

Shavua Tov from Camp Stone!

On Friday, the campers enjoyed Tefilah, Shiur, and breakfast. Then, the whole camp embarked on a local tiyul (hike). The campers packed their lunch and water and each eidah left to their own hiking adventure. The destinations varied – including berry-picking, parks, trails, and ice-cream. Meanwhile, back at camp, Plugah and all Tzevet busily prepared the camp for shabbat – cleaning, cooking, and organizing.

Shabbat at Moshava is a spirited, inspiring, and meaningful experience! Shabbat began with Mifkad and spirited Tefilah with incredible ruach, singing, and dancing. The campers danced their way to the chadar ochel for eating and mostly for ruach, singing, and dancing. Shabbat day was filled with more ruach, singing, cheering, and dancing 🙂 A few of the many highlights of shabbat include:

  • After lunch, every camper is paired with a staff member (counselor or tzevet) and learned in chavrutah throughout the camp. These chavrutot will meet every shabbat of camp. It is incredible how the camp fills with one/two-on-one learning pairs, learning topics that they find meaningful and uplifting.
  • After Menucha, each division had special “Eidah Time” together – to play games, bond, and enjoy shabbat.
  • After seudah shelisheet, the whole camp gathers in concentric circles for incredible singing and then slow shira. This week the Rosh Mosh described how during the week people may have their unique and independent experiences at camp but during Slow Shira, everyone joins together as a community with shared values and purpose.

We are looking forward to another incredible week at Camp Stone BH!