Friday June 29

DATE: June 29, 2018

Hike Day!

Eidah Daled got a head start…leaving at 2:00 a.m. for their “midnight hike” (long-standing tradition here at camp, and a real rite of passage for eidah daled). They davened at sunrise and ate something…and then back to bed! When they woke up in the early afternoon, they ate lunch and then had small groups to discuss what they need to know to be IN CHARGE at the chutz…which should be this week if all of our calculations are correct 😉

Everyone else’s hike:

Gimmel – the hike that puts them at Top’s supermarket at the end!!

Bet – the hike to TOWN (Sugar Grove, PA)

Vav – the hike that is affectionately known around here as “the sewer hike” which has the kids coming out at our agam. No, it does not involve a real sewer! Camp does have some standard for cleanliness and hygiene 😉

Aleph – the hike that has them ending at a Perry’s ice cream store!

Kaytana – Berry picking!! yay, we love those at seudah shlishit

Machal  – These chanichim had a memorable experience, visiting the cemetery of the old Jewish community nearby in Corry, PA. They learned about this community and some of the people buried there and did some clean-up. Afterwards, they had some time for an evaluation/self-reflection about how the program has been so far for them.

So…that means SHABBAT #2, here we come! Plugah and all of tzevet worked really hard today, as they do every Friday, to clean up camp and get everything ready for Shabbat!!