Friday June 28

DATE: June 28, 2019

The Hike Day began very early here at Machane Stone – with Eidah Daled being woken up in the middle of the night for the traditional “midnight hike” (more accurately, the 4:00 am hike) They enjoyed a beautiful hike through sunrise and then had a meaninfgul tefillah. They were able to return “home” and sleep until the afternoon and then have some eidah time until Shabbat prep time.

The other, more standard, hikes looked like this:

Gimmel – hike amd then Perry’s ice cream at the Perry’s store in Busti, NY

Bet – Water hike and then some time to buy Shabbat treats at the nearby Top’s grocery store 🙂

Vav – Hike and then some time to buy Shabbat treats in the Warren, PA Dollar General store

Alef – the hike “to town” (Sugar Grove center!) with a picnic lunch and some time to buy Shabbat treats in the Kwik Fill market (are you sensing a theme to the hikes?)

Kaytana – they were given a special trip to the movie theater nearby for Toy Story 4!! Lucky for them -air conditioning on this hot day 🙂

Machal had a great day in camp. While everyone was out at the hikes, they had free reign to use the ropes courses and the Agam trampoline and new iceberg cimbing wall. What a fun day to be “back at camp” like when they were little 😉

Looking forward to another beautiful Shabbat with each other – let the singing, davening and dancing begin! Shabbat Shalom