Friday July 6

DATE: July 6, 2018

“Boker Tov Sugar Grooove!!” And what a beautiful morning it was 🙂 Gorgeous blue skies and perfect temperature with no humidity. We celebrated over breakfast, and everyone was so excited to enjoy being outdoors today!!

And here is the hike-breakdown:

Eidah Aleph: the berry hike! Yum!

Eidah Vav:  a trail we call “the Chutz Loop”

Eidah Bet: a trail that puts them at Perry’s shack for ice cream!!

Eidah Gimmel: a fun hike we call “The Purple mailbox”

Eidah Daled: Pike’s Rock Trail (sounds intriguing, right?)

Machal finally had a nice long hike in some beautiful weather – Heart’s Content.

No, that’s what it’s called 😉

Shabbat Shalom…we are looking forward to Shabbat #3 – full of spirited davening, singing and dancing… some sleep sounds great too!!!