Friday July 5

DATE: July 7, 2019

Hike Day began with a shiur about Israel’s struggle with public policy and health when it comes to Shabbat…what services can be run/provided on Shabbat? On the one hand we have the mitzvah to be safe/healthy and take care of our physical and psychological health; on the other hand we are sometimes not allowed to do certain melachot (acts of work/labor) on Shabbat. The chanichim/ot learned about the principle – Pikuach Nefesh Docheh Shabbat, which means that the mitzvah about health/safety can trump the mitzvah of Shabbat. It is eye-opening for the children to think about halacha in the context of running a country.

The rainy weather meant we had indoor “hikes” –

Aleph and Vav went ice skating!!

Bed, Gimmel and Daled went to see Toy Story 4!

In other news…Welcome Home Machal!! They look…um…great and like there were lots of mosquitos đŸ™‚ These young adventurers said “it was awesome” and “so much fun” and “really hard” – they look more mature, competent, responsible and reliable than they did just a few days ago! Amazing what a trip like this can do for character-building. They have a glow and look of pride and accomplishment that only a hard challenge can produce! We are so happy to have them home safe and sound. They stopped at Niagara Falls on their way back to camp on Friday and really enjoyed the beauty and power of those waterfalls!

Shabbat Shalom from Sugar Grove, PA

The Chanukah Raffle is under construction. Stay tuned…