Friday July 26 -hikes!!

DATE: July 26, 2019

Our Fridays are fun! #fridayfun And they start with quite the breakfast party, as we make our sandwiches with some traditional “zmirot” about peanut butter and Jelly. No joke! (Even though we are nut-free here!!) Ask your children when they come home to run through the sandwich-making songs from Friday.

After that, shiur is a bit shorter on Fridays – 25 min instead of the usul 40. We use Fridays this month to discuss larger/theme ideas (meta concepts) of the month. Today, we all talked about Nevuah. What is a Navi’s role? We looked at psukim where a Navi rebukes the nation, psukim where he rebukes the leader (a king, for example) and lastly where the Navi gives the description of the idyllic moral/ethical/religious utopia. Some morim started the shiur by asking “what message do you think you would give if you were asked to be a Navi?” while some began with “What question would you ask a Navi if you met one?” Each chanich/a walked away with a new appreciation for all that a Navi did/could provide and the link to Hashem we are missing without one.

Kaytana learned about Yitzchak and Yaakov and next week will continue to learn about all the grandchildren that Yitzchak had through Yaakov and the sad story of the fighting and Yosef’s descent to Egypt. They went on their first hike to… a Perry’s ice cream store! Great treat on the warm day we had.

Everyone else had the following hikes:

Alef – A hike that ends at… a Perry’s ice cream store 🙂

Vav – A hike that takes them under a river near camp – a really fun trail!!

Bet – went to Town!! (i.e. Sugar Grove park and Kwik Fill market, where the campers can spend a $10 allowance on shabbat food and treats)

Gimmel – The Warren, PA Dollar Store ( It’s amazing how far their $10 allowance went there)

Daled – a hike that ends at Top’s supermarket – and again, each camper received some money to spend – but because they are older and it was a huge supermarket, $20 felt right 🙂

Machal had a fun day canoeing and enjoyed their return to camp – back to their beds!!

We are so so excited for erev shabbat mifkad, followed by a very energy-filled and inspiring Kabbalat Shabbat and of course lots of singing, dancing, learning, talking and eating all Shabbat long. And our favorite: slow shira at seudah shlishit! Shabbat Shalom from our Machane!!

p.s. Erev Shabbat pictures are taken by bunk – everyone in their “kachol v’lavan” attire