Friday, Erev Shabbat, August 17

DATE: August 17, 2018

Greetings from Machane Stone!

This morning began (after Mifkad and Tefila of course) with the weekly Stone-style high energy Erev Shabbat Dance Party! Every erev shabbat, during Breakfast, the Chadar Ochel rocks with energetic dancing, singing, and cheering. Meanwhile, the campers also packed lunches and prepared for their tiyulim.

Eidah Aleph is hiking and berry picking.

Eidah Vav is on an exciting water hike adventure.

Eidah Bet & Eidah Gimmel are on a hiking adventure with an ice-cream shop as their destination! (It’s extra convenient that the most popular ice-cream produced and sold in this area of Penn is completely kosher 🙂 )

Eidah Daled is on a hike to a different ice cream venue.

Meanwhile, all of tzevet is busily preparing, cleaning, and organizing the Machane for what promises to be a beautiful and exciting final shabbat!!!

Shabbat shalom from Machane Stone!