Friday, August 16

DATE: August 16, 2019

The campers had a great time at Lakeside Park last night playing soccer and frisbee, spending time with friends, & eating delicious hot dogs. Eidah Daled returned late at night from their adventurous canoe trip.

Our Fridays are fun! They start with quite the breakfast party, as we make our sandwiches with some traditional “zmirot” about PB and Jelly. (Even though we are nut-free here!!) Ask your children when they come home to run through the sandwich-making songs from Friday. The campers had a special shiur session today during which they learned about kosher mezuzot and actually checked them. Each eidah then departed for different local hikes. When they return, it will be time to clean and prepare for shabbat kodesh.

We are excited for erev shabbat mifkad, followed by a very energy-filled and inspiring Kabbalat Shabbat and of course lots of singing, dancing, learning, talking and eating all Shabbat long. And our favorite: slow shira at seudah shlishit! This shabbat promises to be especially spirited and meaningful as we celebrate the last shabbat of this session together.

Machal is returning from an intense 4 day adventure in Algonquin. They canoed, portaged, camped in the wilderness and carried all of their food and belongings in the wilderness in smaller groups. They reunited last night and are spending the day in Niagara Falls! They are looking forward to reuniting with the Machane for a spirited and inspiring final shabbat.

Shabbat Shalom from Machane Stone!!